Hello World…..

I know its an old, even over used beginning, but it is what it is. My thought is, what would Diogenes the Cynic do? If WordPress would’ve been around when he was, 4th century b.c. times, he would probably blog a lot.

Here you will find philosophy, humor, pain, joy, life in all its vicissitudes, and hopefully some peace of mind. I myself have lived in the pursuit of philosophy, ancient Greek to be exact, for around 30 years, with the pursuit of Cynicism for about 9 of those years.

Cynicism as in ancient Greek Philosophy, not our modern bitter root disappointment with humanity (although there is plenty of that to be shared) type of sarcasm, but the end of all Philosophy, contentment.

So read of my fellow travellers, and enjoy the ride, anything else is all smoke and mirrors……